Male Boost is the strongest, safest and most effective penis enhancement method available. This is the #1 all-natural alternative to prescriptions on the market!


Our formula contains a variety of select, All-natural herbal aphrodisiacs and phyto-chemicals that will effectively raise your sexual vitality and increase the size of your erect penis.

Male Boost is comprised of all-natural herbs, has been proven to be effective and is completely safe!

Recommended dosage is 1 serving (2 capsules) per day.

Ingredient Overview

Yohimbe Bark Extract (4%)
An herb derived from the inner bark of the yohimbe tree which grows wild throughout Africa. Long considered an effective aphrodisiac, able to stimulate sexual desire & performance. Works by increasing the formation of nitric oxide, which promotes blood flow to, and expansion of blood vessels in the erectile tissue, thus causing stronger, harder, larger and more powerful erections.

L-Arginine HCL 
An amino acid precursor that helps transport nitrogen through the body. L-Arginine supplementation has been successful in improving fertility in men by increasing low sperm count and motility. L-Arginine also produces a natural growth hormone, thus helping to increase the erect size of the erectile tissue in the penis. 

Oyster Meat Extract
Oyster meat has been long regarded as a powerful herbal aphrodisiac. Roman emperors were known to have paid a pound of gold for a pound of oysters during the sexual height of the Roman Empire. The active ingredients, phosphorus, iodine and zinc, can do a lot of sexual good, especially zinc, which is increases both sperm and testosterone production.

Muira Pauma Extract
Is regarded as the most powerful herb to use for erectile dysfunction. This shrub is native to Brazil, and has long been used as a powerful aphrodisiac and nerve stimulant. A recent clinical study has validated its safety and effectiveness in improving libido and sexual function.

Peruvian Maca Root
Works by normalizing our steroid hormones like testosterone. Therefore it has the facility to forestall the hormonal changes of aging. It acts on men to restore them to a healthy functional status by increasing libido, improving sexual desire and performance, and enhancing your energy.

Korean, Siberian Ginseng
This centuries-old aphrodisiac's use is well known to almost everyone today. Highly controlled research in Japan and Korea has substantially verified intense, stimulating sexual effects.

The ingredients listed below also help to achieve powerful results, but have not been defined in detail as they are not as powerful as the ingredients above:

Oat Straw, Nettles Leaf, Orchic, Zinc Oxide, Cayenne, Boron Citrate, Licorice Root, Pumpkin Seed Powder, Sarsaparilla Root



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Our all Natural Products are manufactured and labeled in accordance with strict FDA guidelines and procedures.

FDA NOTICE:  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. RESULTS MAY VARY.

*Statistic regarding 20,000 men utilizing herbal alternatives for male penis enhancement is documented by USA Today.
30 million men with erectile dysfunctions also documented by USA Today. Average penis size of 6.4 inches was obtained from an independent internet survey of over 12,000 men.

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